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Learn2LearnApp.com | Learning Agility & Innovation for Enterprise.
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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

– Alvin Toffler

Learn2Learn App – Learning agility for enterprise

Enabling continuous learning

The Learn2Learn App distils the latest evidence-based research around learning and performance via short animations; engaging infographics; a quick reference guide; and a personalised action list – all wrapped up in an intuitive ‘app-styled’ interface.

Learn2Learn is an essential addition for any teams and organisations interested in developing a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

More than an App, it’s a campaign for change

Develop a culture of learning & innovation

A core element of Learn2Learn is a unique and responsive web app that can be viewed on phones, tablets and desktops. Depending on the tier purchased, additional elements include:

A Learning Agility in Teams guide and crash course that integrates into the workflow;

A Learning Leader guide for supporting managers to champion and foster agility;

A marketing-styled campaign to help engage, challenge and embed change;

A live webinar to launch the roll out and campaign; and

Custom infographics with your organisation’s messaging build into the web app.

The most surprising part? It’s all available for less than the cost of a standard elearning module!

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Size of potential audience for Learn2Learn

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“An organistion’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

– Jack Welsh

Testimonials about Learn2Learn App for Individuals

Wow! What a comprehensive little package. The interface is compelling. The navigation is simple. The structure is excellent. In my view, anyone involved in improving performance and exploiting opportunities for learning in their organisations should download this app.”

Charles Jennings

Co-Founder of the 70:20:10 Institute

“This app will fuel your learning on an ongoing basis, regardless of your domain. The beautiful visual design and easy-to-use interface make it a joy to use. Get this app, use it, stretch yourself and see yourself grow. This is an awesome investment in yourself and your career.”

Michelle Ockers

Modern Workplace Learning Professional

“What a wonderful app and an amazing contribution to learning and future of work! I particularly enjoy the infographics and More section.”

Krishna Khanna

Global Learning & Development ID, The Boston Consulting Group

“I disagree with Arun about this app. He thinks it might help people. My problem is with the word ‘might’. I think from the concept (the shift from what-to-learn to how-to-learn), through Arun’s evidence-based insights, knowledge and hard work, a collaborative development and feedback process with top L&D people around the globe, his trademark quirky and creative graphics, his outstanding curation of quality resources and an engaging interface design… there’s no might about it.”

Neil Von Heupt

National Programs Manager AITD

“Such an excellent app. I particularly like that each section has an ‘Action’ list to prompt and guide personal development, plus a ‘More’ tab full of additional resources. A real gold mine.”

Bill Baugh

Consultant and Learning Strategist, Eli Lilli and Company

Learn2Learn App for individuals

The Learn2Learn app is a pocket sized course, coach and cheat sheet that arms you with practical techniques to learn faster, smarter and deeper in the real world.


“The rules have changed. Life will no longer consist of a few years of formal education followed by a predictable career. Now, it’s about learning in the workflow, constantly experimenting, and reinventing ourselves to stay relevant. Fortunately, we have tremendous ability to learn and adapt.”

Arun Pradhan

Founder of Learn2Learn

Arun was the winner of the AITD L&D Professional of the Year Award (2017) and the Australian eLearning Industry Association Award for Individual Excellence (2015). He is a keynote speaker on the future of work and learning, and widely recognised as a leading innovator in work-based learning and performance.

Thanks to the tremendous generousity of many people, Arun successfully crowdfunded the initial development of the Learn2Learn app in November 2016. Consistent business interest led to the development of the enterprise version launching June 2018.

Find out more about Arun here or connect with him via Linkedin or Twitter.

Media & Links


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    • Presentation: Enabling a Culture of Continuous Learning
      Round Table: Talking about the ‘F’ word… Learning from Failure
    • DevLearn Conference. October 24 – 26. 2018. Las Vegas, USA
    •  – Workshop: Permance Partnering .